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The Savior


Tomorrow we will encounter Jesus as the SAVIOR. How do you respond to the Savior? Last Sunday we met Jesus as he raised Lazarus from the dead (John 11). Tomorrow we will meet Jesus, Lazarus, Martha, Mary and others at Bethany. It is the first story John tells after he saved Lazarus from death. It gives us clues as to how we respond to the Savior. I encourage you to read John 12:1-12 to prepare yourself for worship. How does Mary respond to Jesus’ saving act?

I also encourage you to take a moment and read the following devotional on THE ONLY SAVIOR that Kirsten Gill shared with us at staff. It reminds us of what is most precious and true! Thanks Kirsten for sharing!

Paul Johansson

The Only Savior

“I, even I, am the LORD, and apart from Me there is no savior.” Isaiah 43:11

Life is hard. There is no way around this truth. As long as we walk on this earth, we will deal with heartache, suffering, catastrophe, death, sickness, and countless other struggles. Many people use this truth as a reason to reject God. They reason, “How could a loving God allow such pain?” If most of us were honest, we would have to admit to wondering the same thing.

In Isaiah 43:11, God makes a bold statement about Himself…”Apart from Me there is no savior.” God is the only savior. He is not “a savior,” He is the Savior. Many Christians know God as our Savior from sin, but what about as our Savior from the hardships of life? Do we look to Him as our Savior from suffering? From death and sickness? From disaster and evil?

Many will rhetorically ask the question, “Why does God allow bad things to happen?” But here in Isaiah 43:11 God has told us something important about Himself. He wants us to know that He is our only hope. He is the only One who can save. And without hardship, would we really know Him as Savior on this side of heaven? God wants us to experience Him as Savior now. He does not want us to wait until heaven. In the midst of sin, suffering, and the many hardships that this life entails, He wants the world to know that there is no salvation apart from Him. There is no joy in suffering without Him…because apart from Him there is no savior. There is no comfort in sickness without Him…because apart from Him there is no savior. There is no hope in death without Him…because apart from Him there is no savior. There is no glory in catastrophe without Him…because apart from Him there is no savior.He is our comfort, our joy, our hope, and our glory – because He is the only Savior.

This does not mean that He will always save us from hardship; but it does mean that He will walk with us through it. Do you know Him as your Savior? Choose today to allow trials, struggles or hardships to bring you to your knees at the feet of this glorious Savior.