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Breakfast on the beach


We left the story in John 21:8 just as Peter declared from the boat, “It is the Lord!” AND EVERYTHING CHANGED! Things change when we see Jesus! Peter jumped into the water and swam or ran through the water for about a hundred yards. The other disciples came in the boat dragging a net full of fish! 153 to be exact! It is said that there were 153 known people groups or languages in the world at the time of Jesus. Could it be that Jesus is the food for all people? Could it be that Jesus invites everyone to eat with him? And John tells us that even with so many fish the net was not torn. God’s heart is big enough for all! The Church of Jesus Christ has room for everyone!

When the disciples landed they saw a fire of burning coals on the beach with fish and bread. Jesus said some of the most precious words we will ever hear, “Come and have breakfast.” Come and eat with me! There is room at the table for you! Of course that is how Jesus is – he loves to eat with people. All kinds of people – no one is outside the boundaries of his love. This Sunday we begin a seven week emphasis on some of the basic practices that have fed and nourished Jesus’ family these last 20 centuries. We begin with “FOOD.” The irony and paradox is that Jesus welcomes all to the table to eat with him AND AT THE SAME TIME is the food we eat. Jesus is our daily bread.

When Jesus taught his followers to pray, he introduced them to his loving and gracious Heavenly Father. He invited them to be fed by the mercy, kindness and love of God. He taught his disciples that our Heavenly Father cares about our needs. Of course, for us, it is hard to distinguish between our needs and wants. In the Lord’s prayer Jesus identifies our needs; •God’s will •Daily bread and sustenance •Forgiveness •Deliverance from evil

How does God meet your needs through Jesus Christ? More often than not, God puts people in our lives who love us and feed us Jesus. As Mother Theresa used to say, ‘we are called to be Jesus with skin on to one another.” Open your eyes and see the people God has put in your life to feed you Jesus. Sometimes as adults we just don’t get it and we miss out when Jesus comes. Jesus understood us as adults so he said, “if we do not change and become like little children, we cannot enter into the Kingdom.” Jean Vanier, the French theologian said, “The revelation of love is for children, and not for wise and clever people.”

Will you join me this Sunday as we receive Jesus as our food? He is amongst us and wants so much to feed you with his love!


P.S. Next time we will see what happened after they finished eating breakfast on the beach. Read ahead in John 21:15-25