A Noteworthy Concern from the Church Council


Yesterday at worship the following “Council Concern” was shared. At the Congregational Meeting on June 4, 2017 we approved a 2017 – 2018 Mission Spending Plan (budget) of $1,269,100.00. This budget anticipated an increase of about $75,000 in our income. We began our new fiscal year on July 1, 2017 and after the first two months we have had to dip into our reserve fund to pay some of our expenses. 

At the September Council meeting it was agreed that we communicate our “concern” about our financial situation. Presently we need approximately $6,000.00 more each month to cover our expenses and support our approved budget. What can you do?

  1. PRAY! God who is able to bring life and resurrection to the dry bones in Ezekiel can certainly raise up the necessary money for Central to carry on its mission.                            
  2. GROW your giving to support Central’s mission and ministry. If 300 givers increase their financial support by $20.00 per month we would receive the necessary support to fully fund our present mission spending plan. Some can do significantly more and others might not be able to increase their giving by so much. But if all of us grow our support as the Lord directs there will be enough to do what God is calling us to accomplish in mission.

Central is a GIVING CHURCH! 10% or a tithe of our offerings that we receive immediately go beyond ourselves to 17 different local and global missions. Each of these missions are dependent upon the giving and generosity of us and other disciples of Jesus. This year our budget projects that we will give $118,000.00 to support such ministries like Great River Family Promise, Community Aid Elk River, Great River Area Young Life, Life Tree Café, Pilot Outreach Prison Ministry, Reel Hope, Abba Pregnancy, Mazatlán Mexico Mission, etc..

In addition, members of this body financially support a variety of missions and ministries through their designated gifts. In the 2016-2017 fiscal year $228,884 went to various ministries through special offerings and gifts. Praise the Lord for such generosity. We never want to choke or hinder such giving. We do, however, want to communicate the importance and necessity of our financial support of the general fund of Central. Your regular giving to Central is what supports all of the property, personnel and program costs.

On a personal note, my wife and I try to observe the instruction of Malachi. Malachi speaks of ‘tithes and offerings’. We ‘tithe’ to the local congregation we are part of (in this case Central) and then are blessed to give ‘offerings’ to ministries and missions as the Holy Spirit directs. On behalf of the Church Council please join us in praying and growing our giving!

Pastor Johansson