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SHE Equip – October 23, 2017

Dear Sisters in Christ, ​Thank you to Maria Bourgeois for our devotional this week. ​​A SAVING FAITH As a young girl, I would get really afraid when I thought about dying and what was next. Even more afraid when the whole world was gone, what was there gonna be, just darkness. (Seriously, what weren’t my parents […]

Soli Deo Gloria

Central,​​​​​ Soli Deo Gloria or Glory to God Alone! Who is God’s glory? What is the glory of God? Why is God’s glory important? How is God’s glory revealed? Where is the glory of God? When is God’s glory present? On Sunday we will consider God’s Glory! For Martin Luther and the Reformers, the question was […]

Path Finders Leader Training 1

Hey Path Finders Leader! I’ve decided to do group training via video. This video is on the 3 Re’s of classroom management for small group leaders. Please watch the video and try out the tips next time you serve in Path Finders. God bless and we will see you soon! Joy Goodwin Director of Children […]

MEA Break

Hey VIBE and Path Finders Families!  We don’t have VIBE this Wednesday, so enjoy the wonderful fall and have a bonfire or watch a movie together. Maybe have a pj party? The options are endless. Join us on the 25th for Parent’s Night! We will also take one week off of Path Finders this Sunday. […]

SHE Equip – October 16, 2017

Dear Sisters in Christ, Thank you to LeeAnn Simenson for our devotional this week. Sola #5    Glory to God Alone It is time for a vocabulary lesson: SOLA means a slogan, a short phrase that is easy to remember. GLORY:   Some Biblical words have always been precious to me, such as grace, salvation, […]

SHE Equip – October 10, 2017

Dear Sisters in Christ, Thank you to Katie Johnson for our devotional this week. When my 6 AM alarm went off the morning of October 2, and WCCO’s top of the news breaking story was the massacre in Las Vegas, I, like I imagine so many others, felt like someone had punched me in the […]

VIBE Update – October 11, 2017

Hey VIBE Parents! We have been having so much fun learning about prayer! This last week we had over 50 kids at VIBE! That’s a lot of energy! We are looking for a few more adults to help lead and guide these kids. Hey, we’d take you for crowd control! If you could be a […]

Faith, Fakery and St. Francis

Central, Think back for a few minutes about what God was doing 500 years ago. In the western world where Christian faith was being more and more characterized by lists of duties and obligations rather than deep faith, people like Luther, Calvin and Zwingli shredded their own résumés and tacked up a different set of […]

In Remembrance of Wesley Cottrell

Central, Thanks be to God for the life and memory of Wesley Richard Cottrell.  Wesley was born October 8, 1932, married Darlene on April 9, 1960 and passed away on Sunday, October 1, 2017. Wes was preceded in death by both parents and two brothers. He is survived by wife, Darlene, daughters Pamela Cottrell, Carolyn […]

SHE Equip – October 2, 2017

Dear Sisters in Christ, Thank you to Maggie Parrish for our devotional this week. Faith Alone  Ephesians 2:8-10 AMP version 8 For it is by grace [God’s remarkable compassion and favor drawing you to Christ] that you have been saved [actually delivered from judgment and given eternal life] through faith. And this [salvation] is not […]