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Central, How huge, vast and immense is your vision of God? This Sunday is All Saints Sunday and we are living in Nehemiah 9 – PUTTING FIRST THINGS FIRST! Putting first things first means that we focus on and turn our attention to God. Warren Wiersbe suggests that in Nehemiah 9 we receive a vision […]

Is the Building project completed?

Central, Last Sunday, in Nehemiah 6, we celebrated the completion of the rebuilding of the wall in fifty two days! Is the project finished?  Is Nehemiah’s mission accomplished? Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just beginning! The emphasis and focus shifts in Nehemiah 7!  The focal point moves from the rebuilding of the […]

Dealing With Distractions – Nehemiah 6

Central, Are you being rebooted? I sure am! Every time I read and reflect on a portion of Nehemiah the Holy Spirit takes me deeper into God’s purposes for my life. Each Monday during our journey through Nehemiah I am setting time aside to be mentored and coached by Nehemiah. One of the things that […]

When God’s Spirit Moves

Central, Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 14, we begin WHEN GOD’S SPIRIT MOVES at 11:00 in the Student Room!  This is a six week series on the Life-Changing Power of the Holy Spirit by Jim Cymbala. What happens when the Holy Spirit powerfully moves within a Church? Sessions are: 1. Agent in the Shadows 2. Power Source 3. […]

Why is Nehemiah ANGRY?

Central, “When I heard their outcry and these charges, I was VERY ANGRY!” – Nehemiah 5:6 This is the first time we see Nehemiah angry! Up until this point in the story we have seen him; Ask questions Hear and listen Sit down and weep Mourn Fast Pray Be sad Be afraid Plan, organize and […]

Call extended to Ryan Braley to serve as Pastor

Central, Today was a significant and important day at Central Lutheran Church! At 12:15 many of us gathered in the Sanctuary to act upon the unanimous recommendation of the Church Council to extend a call to Ryan Braley to serve as an Associate Pastor at Central. The Holy Spirit was present as this body extended […]

The rebuidling begins – Nehemiah 3

Central, REBOOT – Restoring the Soul! This Sunday we begin our third week in the Nehemiah journey! I hope you have been blessed by the daily devotionals from Chapter two written by Brandon Hanson, Jill Pouliot, Brian Budahn, Pat Hackman, J.C. Thieke, Donelle King and Ed Studniski. The weekly devotionals are handed out at worship […]