Central’s Promise to Give

Generosity is what God wants for us, not from us.


Hello Central Families! 

This year, we registered over 155 kids in Path Finders, VIBE, and our nursery, and have weekly added families to our church community. In fact, next week we will be adding another 12 families as members of our body! Isn’t that amazing? God is growing us, and we are so blessed to be able to participate in what God is doing across our ministries. 

And as we grow, we have legitimate financial needs. Central gives to over 15 ministries in our community because as a church we believe giving is something Jesus asks us to do. That being said, we are short in giving to the actual budget of our church. Less than 1% of church goers in the United States tithe, or give to their worshiping community, and at Central, sadly, it’s about the same.

But you can make a difference! In the photo above I am holding a “My Promise to Give 2018” card. If you’re a member of Central, you received it in the mail about a month ago. You might have missed it, but we have more in the office if you need a new one. We are still collecting these cards with your pledge amount. All of what we do depends on the generosity of God’s people, which is me, you, and the person in the pew (or on the floor in children’s ministry) next to you. I filled out my family’s card two weeks ago and believe in what God is doing here so much that I’m putting my money where my heart is. 

The money pledged goes to the building, which is meeting space every day of the week for various ministries, the ministries, including the ones you call yours and care deeply about, and the staff, all of whom have not received raises this year in order to make up the deficit. We want to keep growing this place, but we cannot if our finances don’t match our needs.

If you call Central your church for whatever reason, programming, worship, or other ministries, please fill out a “My Promise to Give 2018” card and join us as we do God’s work. Generosity is something God wants for you, not from you. So consider how you might participate in what God is doing here by putting your money where your church family, and possibly your heart is! 

Be blessed,

Joy Goodwin

Director of Children and Family Ministry

Central Lutheran Church