Love, Liberate, Lead and Launch


What a great video that embodies our DISCIPLESHIP PATHWAY!

​​​​​​​LOVE is all about BE CONNECTED TO JESUS! In and through Jesus we receive and experience the love of God and learn to love others.

LIBERATE is all about GROW TOGETHER! How do we experience liberation and freedom? We are liberated when we put our neighbor before ourselves. Why are we praying that Central will be a church of Journey Groups and House Churches? We are freed and liberated from ourselves when we learn to humble ourselves and honor the other.

LEAD is all about SERVE OTHERS! How did Jesus lead? “The son of man came not to be served but to serve!” Followers of Jesus always lead with a towel and a basin learning to serve one another.

LAUNCH is all about SHARE THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS! We have the greatest story to tell the whole world! We have the best good news to share with others! When the Holy Spirit fills our lives we are launched into this world to be the light of Jesus Christ! So to the best of our ability we GO AND TELL!

The last two Sundays we have reflected on MY LIFE and MY CHURCH. This Sunday Pastor Ryan will be leading us into God’s Word as we consider MY COMMUNITY! God has planted us in Elk River and world to part of something bigger than ourselves – God’s Kingdom. 

We are called to go all in and part of Christ’s mission in and through Central. Will you join your Church Council, Church Staff and others in offering your 2018 Financial Promise? Presently we have received 66 promises for a total of $282,580.00. Please pray and ask JESUS what your financial promise should be for 2018. Financial promise cards will be available at worship this Sunday.