Make Christmas Strange and Still Her Little Child


It is said familiarity breeds contempt. That is a real danger when it comes to Christmas. We often miss the significance of Christmas because we domesticate the familiar story. As we prepare for Christmas this week can we take time to reflect on how surprising and unexpected Christmas is? How might you prepare during this final week of our journey to the unexpected? Vinita Hampton Wright gives 3 hints that can help us prepare for Christmas.

Listen to whatever clues you’re given. For instance, angels told the shepherds to look in a certain town and a certain kind of place. They even mentioned swaddling clothes. It helps to listen to what others have said about Jesus—from the accounts in the New Testament Gospels to the testimonies of people here and now who have encountered him. 

Let go of preconceived notions. One reason some very important people did not recognize the Christ Child is that they weren’t expecting a child, and they certainly weren’t expecting a child from the working class. So . . . assume that, even with the information you have about Jesus, there is SO much you do not know about him. Allow yourself to live with these gaps and questions.

Open your life to whatever path God shows you. Consider Mary. She said yes to mystery which must have been pretty frightening. Joseph didn’t know what the future held. The shepherds, the wise men, and later, the disciples all opened their lives to new paths, relinquishing their own plans and trusting that God’s path would lead to life.

Last Sunday at the 9:30 and 11:00 worship many of us were moved to tears by Jarae Ehrs interpretative dance of “Still Her Little Child” by Ray Boltz. I encourage you to follow in the steps of Mary and open your life to whatever path God has for you! Listen, watch and be blessed by this video from last Sunday.

I look forward to celebrating the birth of JESUS with you!