Message from Pastor Ryan

Hey fellas!  

As you probably know, we are looking to hire a new worship leader for the 11:00am worship gathering and also for Echo worship on Wednesday nights. This is a need we have had for a while, and are hoping to have someone in place by this fall. At this point we have had several people offer to pitch in and commit to financially supporting this new hire by upping their giving amount. This has encouraged us to keep going – to keep looking for someone to hire and also to keep asking for others to pitch in (since we have not met the amount required).

 So I am reaching out to you to ask you if you might consider pitching in. I know that we all have limited resources and are already giving a lot of what we have. Thanks for that. So I am just asking you to consider it….no matter the amount. Every dollar helps, right?  

We believe that a new worship leader will help bring a vibrancy and much needed direction to our musical worship at the 11:00 and our Echo worship. Thanks for considering pitching in!  

If you are interested and able, please contact Kris Geslin in our offices at 763-441-2363 or email her at 

See you boys around!