Mother’s Day and Mission Madness


Mother’s Day and Mission Madness!

On Sunday, May 21 we will celebrate our 8th annual Mission Madness Day! There are over 20 projects that you can sign up for to go out into the community and serve.  Sign up this Sunday at the tables in the lobby or email and let her know you will be there.

In my life one of the greatest servants I know is my Mother!  In fact most Mothers are models of servant hood and examples of mercy. The Hebrew word translated “mercy” is rachamin – from rechem, meaning “womb.” After a Mother bears her child in her womb, she passionately seeks nothing but good and all that is right for the child she loves fiercely.

Two questions:

Do you know in your heart that God’s love for you is a mother’s tender care, but to the nth degree? God sees our waywardness and self-interest – but instead of rejecting us, God grieves, pursues and relentlessly loves us.

Will you join the body of Central and love this community in the same way that a Mother loves her child?  Mission Madness is a great way to start learning how to love this community.

I hope to worship with many of you this coming Sunday as we recognize our Mothers and the following Sunday as love our community through Mission Madness!