The Ministry

Pilot-OutreachPilot Outreach is under the direction of a lay Jail Chaplain who is supported by a governing board.

It is comprised of over 30 volunteers who, up to three times weekly, work directly with male and female inmates.

Pilot Outreach offers the Gospel of Jesus Christ in both a small group and individual, one-on-one settings.  Through this model of ministry, scores of inmates find salvation in Christ and continually demonstrate their appreciation for the volunteer’s presence.

In addition to  building relationships with inmates, Pilot Outreach also provides Bibles, books and other Christian materials without cost to the inmates.  All donations are directed entirely to ministry functions.  There are zero administrative costs as all ministry work is on a volunteer basis.


Pilot Outreach is a County Jail ministry founded in Center City, MN. Through a concern to reach the lost, area Christians banded together to start a weekly Bible study in the Chisago County Jail. From its beginning in 1979, the ministry has expanded into other county jails and detention facilities.


  • To bring the Light of Christ into jail in order to set the hearts of the captives free.
  • To alert  our community of opportunity to support this local mission work.
  • To give opportunity for the Christian to respond to the Holy Spirits call to serve as an ambassador for the Lord Jesus as a jail volunteer.

About Sherburne County Jail

  • Approximately 450 male and female inmates
  • Houses Federal, State and Local inmates serving a sentence or awaiting trial, hearing or placement to another correctional facility
  • Located in Elk River, MN  and supervised by the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Department.



Pilot Outreach