Student Ministries January E-newsletter

Happy New Year Parents!

Hope you are all staying warm this week! Here’s what we have going on in Student Ministries over the next few weeks…

*The Spring Calendar had a mistake – we DO have echo & Rhythm on Feb 15, Ash Wednesday is actually March 1. 


Journey Group Sundays are an important part of your child’s faith journey, and a required part of the confirmation process. For confirmation kids, Journey Group Sundays are factored into their attendance record percentage. Please make every effort to have your child join their Journey Group for each JG Sunday. It’s a great time for journey groups to be together, to have conversations at a coffee shop after the service, and to get into the practice of worship on Sunday morning. 

Lastly, this month we are starting a new series called The Strong and the Week. We will go through each day of the week and talk about the significance of that day from a Kingdom perspective. Last night we talked about Mondays as a day of renewal through the lens of being made new in Jesus (2 Cor 5:14-20). Your child will start receiving text reminders on Sunday nights to spend 5 minutes on Monday reflecting on the ways that Jesus is making them “new.” 

As always, let me know if you have any questions! Thank you, parents! It is a joy every day to walk alongside your kids as they learn to follow Jesus. 

Kaycee Stanley
Director of Student Ministries
Central Lutheran Church