Student Ministries March Enewsletter

Hey Parents! 

Here’s what we having coming up for your students over the next few weeks!

echo/Rhythm schedule:

  • Wed, March 8: echo/Rhythm (Parent Night! Parents, see you at 7:20!)
  • Wed, March 15: echo/Rhythm
  • Wed, March 22: echo/Rhythm
  • Wed, March 29: Rhythm (No echo)
  • Wed, April 5: echo/Rhythm JUMP UP & Parent Night! (During Jump Up Month, 5th graders jump up to experience Rhythm, and Rhythm kids jump up to echo!)
  • Wed, April 12: Holy Week (No echo or Rhythm)
  • Wed, April 19: echo/Rhythm JUMP UP
  • Wed, April 26: Rhythm – 6th graders go back to Rhythm for their final night. No echo. 
  • Wed, May 3: Rhythm/echo End of the year Party! 

*7-12th grade parents, remember to ask your child’s leader about when they are doing their Journey Group Sunday every month! 

Summer Camps/Trips & Fundraising

  • Sat, April 22: Operation Clean Up!
    • This is our only fundraiser for camps and trips, but with a little effort, kids can raise 100% of their camp funds through this one event!
    • Kids raise $ through asking for pledges from friends, family members, neighbors and teachers to clean up Elk River. 
    • We then clean up Elk River for 4 hours on April 22! 
  • April 18 & 20: Operation Clean Up Call Nights 
    • Sign your child up for a call night at the Student Board or by emailing
    • Call nights are opportunities for kids to raise tons of $ for camps and trips by calling Central members to pledge money for Operation Clean Up! Each dollar a student raises goes directly into their camp/trip account! 
  • Road Trip Impact 2017
    • This is our annual mystery missions trip!
    • June 21-27
    • 7-12th graders welcome!
    • Register your child here by May 3:
  • Lake Geneva
    • July 24-28 -Mark your calendars!
    • 7-12th graders welcome!
    • Registration forms will be available soon!

Thanks, Parents! As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

Kaycee Stanley
Director of Student Ministries
Central Lutheran Church
Team Lead, The Reel Hope Project