Teresa of Avila and Journey to the Unexpected


How will we begin the “JOURNEY TO THE UNEXPECTED” this Advent? I invite you to join me in praying a prayer from Teresa of Avila. Teresa was born in in Spain in 1515. She lived most of her life in a convent until her death in 1582. She was often sick but she became a brilliant theologian and has been a model of faith for many.

To prepare for your Advent journey I encourage you to pray Teresa’s prayer these next few days. She prayed: “Govern all by your wisdom, O Lord, so that my soul may always be serving you as you will, and not as I may choose. Do not punish me, I beg you, by granting what I wish or ask, if it offends your love which should always live in me. Let me die to myself, that so I may serve you: let me live for you, who in yourself are the true life.”

 Remarkable, isn’t it? Instead of praying “Lord, please answer my prayer,” she asks God not to answer her prayer if it is in any way out of sync with God’s love and desire. She also desires to serve God – as God wills, not as she might choose. And finally, she asks to die to herself in order to live.

God loves to write amazing stories, and if we are willing to take an unfamiliar path, He will write a story with our lives this Advent. Teresa of Avila gives us an example of how to begin the JOURNEY TO THE UNEXPECTED.

Hope to worship with you this Sunday!