The Kiss of God!

What’s that all about? A Pastor acquaintance of mine from North Carolina wrote the book, The Kiss of God: 27 Lessons on the Holy Spirit. 

This Sunday we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of the Church of Jesus Christ. Ten days after Jesus Christ ascended into the heavens the Holy Spirit was poured out on the followers of Jesus on Pentecost. My prayer for worship is that each one of us will be freshly filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit. At each worship, we will have five prayer stations where you can come and offer yourself afresh to be used as an instrument of the Holy Spirit. Please join me praying that the Spirit of will descend upon our heart.

We also will be honoring our High School graduates and gathering for our congregational meeting at 12:00Noon in the Family Life Center. As I think of our graduates leaving High School and beginning this next season of their lives my prayer for them (and for each of us) is;


Take me where you want me to go;

Let me meet who you want me to meet;

Tell me what you want me to say;

And keep me out of your way.



Hope to see you on Sunday!

Paul Johansson